Refund Policy

  1. In case of report's unavailability

    We will refund within 24 hours (without any deduction or transaction charges).

    It happens in very rare cases due to the company's pending arbitration in court or due to recent deregistration filing, thus the information becomes inaccessible in the database even if the company registration number exists).

  2. Mistakes in report data or errors in compilation

    We will refund within 24 hours (without any deduction or transaction charges).

    From our 1000+ customers who bought reports from us in past, we didn't have any data error or instance like that. We take extreme care while compiling the data and cross-verify it during the compilation of records and translation.

  3. Wrong report type or wrong company name was ordered

    When you order the report from us, we take some time to process it (although we start working instantly to check the data records and confirmed availability). This means we have not already ordered it in reality from our report exchange partners, agencies, and translators in this time gap. This means we have not spent our pre-subscribed credits to buy that report yet.

    In this case, we will refund 90% of the amount within 24 hours of you informing us within this time gap. This time gap varies and is not fixed.

    Please send the refund OR change request via email, text, SMS, or WhatsApp to correct the report type or company name, and we will happily accept (if an order has not been processed yet).

    We will not be able to refund any amount if we have processed your report order (i.e. spent our credits) and the report is now with our team (or we are waiting for the report to arrive) to cross-check, verify, and translate.