Car Records
Days: 1
Car Report includes

  • Written-off check
  • Stolen status check
  • Finance owing check
  • Airbag recall check
  • Official vehicle details
  • Certificate (with insights are delivered instantly in 4 to 10 hours)

  • Procedure

      1. Type the vehicle's plate registration or vehicle identification number (VIN), also called as "Chasis number".
        2. Order and receive your certificate.


  • A comprehensive check detailing a vehicle’s information, whether if it has been written off in an accident, stolen, or if the vehicle has finance owing on it. All orders receive a buyer's guide and checklist.
  • Shows security interests in personal property including cars, caravans, trucks, bikes, and trailers. With over millions of vehicles registered on record (updated daily), the report enables individuals to find out whether there is finance owing on a vehicle and if a car has been written off in an accident.
  • When purchasing a second-hand vehicle, bike, or trailer, it is essential you check it has no finance owning, has not been in a major accident, and is not stolen. Check The Car provides you with an instant and official report that details this plus much more – to ensure you’re not buying a lemon or vehicle that has finance owing.
  • Certificate is a proof document. It records the details of the vehicle and advises of risk areas including finance owing, stolen status, written-off history, and much more!
  • A vehicle identification number (VIN), also called as "Chasis number" is a unique serial number used as an identifier for motor vehicles. The VIN number can be used to track registrations, warranty claims, thefts and insurance coverage. Using our website Check The Car you can search by a vehicle’s registration plate number or VIN number.

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