Personal Record
United States
Days: 2-4
Search Period

May vary, usually 7 years.

Content of Report

The report may include case type, file date, case number, name of the court where the case was filed, plaintiff, defendant, and limited disposition information. In some situations, case copies and/or further case details may be available at an additional cost.

Search Notes

Obtained from government offices. This is a defendant-only search. This is a search of published judgments only and not a comprehensive search of all cases at the respective courts.

Signed Consent

  • Acknowledgment that a signed consent has been obtained from the subject is required.
  • Private investigation companies are required to submit a copy of the signed consent with their order.
  • Required Data

  • Subject's Name (First, Middle, and Last Name)
  • Location of Current Residence
  • Subject's Address
  • Report Language

  • PDF. English.
  • Other languages are available upon request at an additional charge.
  • Fairly consistent, but can vary by country to retain the integrity of the information.
  • We need following information to proceed further. We will connect with you in case we need more info.