Company Credit Report
Days: 3
Accepted By

All Banks, Financial institutions, ExIm banks, and major credit insurers.

Content of Report

Varies with the size of the business and country. The length of the report can range from 2 to 80 pages and generally contains legal status, related businesses, financial information, line of business, branch and subsidiary offices, principal credit references, shareholders, international activity, payment history, management, credit opinion, banking information, corporate information, ratios and industry comparisons, suppliers, management interview, public filings/liens, and judgments.

Search Notes

This report is freshly prepared in the time frame you choose with the most current information available.

Unlike publicly traded companies, privately held businesses in most countries are not required by law to make public their financial information, banking, or trade references. So the financial P&L and Balance sheet part might not be part of this report always. Therefore, a management interview is an important method of obtaining this type of information, some of which can be verified.

Some subject companies may not cooperate in offering certain information, whereas others use credit extensively and are eager to cooperate. If a private company is not cooperative, the report content may be limited to legal data (e.g. corporate status, lawsuits, etc.) and what is in our agent's database / 3rd party agency or government records based only. Legal data is valuable as it can tell you if a company exists and is being sued.

We do everything legal and practical for a credit agency to provide you with the most information possible. Just remember, each situation is different.

Report Language & Format

  • English in PDF
  • Fairly consistent, but can vary by country to retain the integrity of the information
  • Other languages are available upon request at an additional charge.
  • Fairly consistent, but can vary by country to retain the integrity of the information.
  • We need following information to proceed further. We will connect with you in case we need more info.