Directorship Search - Person
Days: 5
Content of report

  • The report contains names and addresses of companies with whom the Subject is affiliated.
  • Depending on the country, the shareholding percentage may also be mentioned in the report
  • Subject can be the citizen or non-citizen of the shareholding company's country base i.e. a Chinese Citizen can be a shareholder of an Indonesian Company.


  • Might be required. A copy of the signed consent might be required, we will confirm if we need it.
  • The Subject's Govt ID number in that country (of search) is required to avoid matching names.

Report's Language & Format

  • PDF. English.
  • Other languages are available upon request at an additional charge.
  • Fairly consistent, but can vary by country to retain the integrity of the information.

  • Accepted By

    Ex-Im Banks, Finacial institutions, and all major credit insurers or due diligence processes.


  • Step 1: Fill details on the right side of this page and place the order.
  • Step 2: We will start processing; we will ask for more information if required.
  • Step 3: We will deliver the document by email within the mentioned timeframe.

  • Unpleasant Realities

    • Unsuccessful attempts are charged 10% of the total fee and only 90% will be refunded due to high research costs.
    • Refunds are processed immediately and you will receive them within 24 hours.

    We need following information to proceed further. We will connect with you in case we need more info.