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Worldwide quality control companies and freelance quality audit pros in our team are ready to assess various consumer products from garments to footwear, accessories, furniture, garments and textiles, toys and gifts, kitchenware, electronic and electrical appliances, medical appliances, and products amongst many other products.


Consumer goods from A to Z can be inspected, and there are inspection methodologies for each category of product. By default, (typically for larger quantities) and unless specified by the buyers, our team sets sampling levels and Acceptance Quality Limits (AQL) based on ANSI/ASQ Standards.


In some cases, complete audio video files, or in other cases, sheets of various inspection parameters along with detailed analysis. We will let you know this all in advance along with a sample.

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Complete refund in 24 hours if service can not be rendered for any reason. Happens in the rarest of rare cases. Your money is safe with us.

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