Online Shopping Complaint
Days: 2-3
About consumer complaint

Had a terrible experience with a recent online purchase? Don't underestimate an eCommerce customer's influence! Place a customer complaint on the appropriate consumer court in the district/state or nation. The location specified in the terms of service for resolving disputes, which is the seller's website, must be used to submit a complaint.


You can file an e-consumer complaint in the following scenarios:

  • Price Concerns: As an illustration, if you order a mobile phone valued $5,000 for cash-on-delivery, you will be charged $5,500 at the time of delivery.
  • Quality Issues: Example: The product obtained is different from the one displayed on the website in terms of color or material.
  • Payment Fraud: Examples include paying for a product but not receiving it or choosing an annual subscription to a service but the supplier closing shop in the middle of the year.
  • Missing Product: A product that you order and in return you don't get the same as you ordered for which you pay a huge value. Example: When you order a mobile and end up getting soap.
  • Unethical trade practicesThe ultimate purpose of any firm is to make the most money possible. However, unfair practices such as defrauding clients, misrepresenting prices, and other infractions persist in the marketplace.

  • What does consumer complaint do ?

  • It will be fixed if the goods have a flaw or the service isn't up to par
  • Replacement for the faulty item
  • Reimbursement for each and every expense related to bringing the complaint in court
  • Payment for any suffering or loss (including mental agony)

  • More about it

    Make your complaint heard by drafting it with our local senior lawyers in the country. Receive a Guaranteed draft of your consumer complaint in 2 days or receive a full refund. Qualified arbitrator's assistance for a quick resolution. A perfectly crafted legal notice often works in favor of the aggrieved party. It is a medium of approaching the opposite party to settle without the involvement of the courts. It is necessary that the notice is precise and to the point. It makes the person aware of your grievance.


  • A legal consumer complaint acts as a warning. It sends a message about the legal consequences of non-compliance.
  • It informs the person regarding a potential risk of litigation and thus provides a chance to them to rectify their errors.
  • Since a legal consumer complaint is just an intimation, the parties can try to negotiate their way out of the issue.
  • Legal consumer complaints encourage settlement and discourage costly litigation.
  • Legal Proof: It acts as proof that the wrongdoer/entity was approached using other means before seeking help from the court (In which we help and assist further at low cost)

  • Procedure

  • Step 1: We will send out a quick one-page form to seek details of your complaint once you make the payment for this service.
  • Step 2: The legal consumer complaint draft is created as per the client’s requirements and sent to the other party through a registered post. The legal notice draft contains the above necessary details. it includes a timeframe within which the other party is expected to respond. (15 to 45 days)
  • Step 3: The copy of the sent notice is saved by the sender. It is a useful document if the aggrieved party initiates proceedings
  • Step 4: After the timeframe is complete and the party has not responded, the aggrieved party has the advantage of going to the courts.

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