Hotel / AirBnB Booking
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What is the deal?

Ever imagined or experienced booking a hotel/AirBnB based on photos online but in reality, when you arrive, it's either far away from the desired location or expensive or not the one you expected in terms of services? This makes your whole experience of staying go bad. Not the kind of risk you would like to take again. Imagine waking up to the crowdy market where your hotel is based.


We talk to the local hotel/AirBnB, personally visit and send you the update (for example: if WiFi is really working fine ?) Or the food and cleanliness are up to the mark, and/or if it syncs around your business/travel plan/objective?

How this works ?

  • Fill out the right-hand side form, and make the payment.
  • We will be in touch by email and on WhatsApp, and will provide options based on your budget, preferences, time, facilities, price, etc as personal concierge assistance.
  • Let us know what Hotel/AirBnB option would you like to opt for.
  • We will also negotiate with the facility on your behalf. High chance that you will pay less price than what they have listed on their website.

  • Notes

    We do not charge from Hotel/Airbnb

    Refund policy

    If you are not happy with our assistance, we will refund you within 24 hours. Your money is safe with us.

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